ZZR-400、99年型 N7 (ZX400N7)It's my second motorcycle, Kawasaki ZZR400. I have purchased it in 2004.
The model is 1999's N7 (ZX400N7), color is "Metallic gray stone & Ebony". It's 10nd model of ZZR400.
It has clock, one tripmeter and always-on light. It's heavier than ZZR250, but I can easily ride.
Because of the urgent business, I can't drive a motorcycle much....
ZZR-250、90年型 H1 (EX250H1)It's my first motorcycle, Kawasaki ZZR250. I have purchased it in 1999.
The model is 1990's H1 (EX250H1), color is "Ebony & Pearl cosmic gray".
It's 1st model of ZZR250!!
Site administrator : KaK (Touring Rider)
I live in Tokyo, Japan. I have a ride on ZZR for 16 years. Once a year, I go a long touring to everywhere in Japan.
I like motocycle, music(keyborad and guitar), games, train and airplain.
This site is named from Hiroko kasaha's CD, "Nature". "The wind of tomorrow" is on this album.
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