before departure

I go on leaf peeping every year to the Nakatsu-gorge. So, I went into "Akigawa-gorge" to see the colorful autumn leaves.

I enjoyed a lazy morning. I'm leaving by motorcycle at 9:20.

map of akigawa-gorge

The Akigawa-gorgebe is just a little way from Akiruno city.

It is located close to Hachiouji and Ome. The prefectural route 33 is dividing into North Akigawa-gorgebe and South Akigawa-gorgebe.

JR Musashi-Itsukaichi staion

First, I cama JR Musashi-Itsukaichi staion.

Nakatsu-gorge is very far from station, but Akigawa-gorge and Nagataor is very near from station. Therefore, we can tour on foot and stand in a long line at the bus stop.

contrail(airplane tracks)

Today is good weather for touring.

There are many contrail(airplane tracks).

Jyurigi bus stop

I drive a motorcycle over to the Jyurigi bus stop. It's one of the famous for the beautiful colored leaves.

suspension bridge in Akigawa-gorge

Umm...., Unfortunately, The suspension bridge was littered with leaves. This year the foliage season was set in earlier than usual.

maple leafAkigawa-gorge
ginkgo tree

The leaves on the ginkgo trees havs turned yellow.

Hinohara village Kanoto

By the way, This place is Hinohara village "Kanoto". It's not "Kobe".

Japanese place-name are hard to read.

* In some cases the same kanji can appear in a given word with different readings. It's one of the case. "Kobe" is a famous city in Japan.

The prefectural route 33

I drive all the way up prefectural route 33. Here is the hillside of Akigawa-gorge.


In Along a River, there are Akigawa-gorge.

It's to pass peak of foliage season. There are many starved tree.


Turn right at the Honjuku crossing and go to the North Akigawa-gorge.

Akigawa is pale significantly in comparison to with Nakatsu and Nagatoro.

North Akigawa-gorge

Here is the tip of the North Akigawa-gorge. This road is a dead end.

There is a small tourists. So, I can drive at my own pace.

North Akigawa-gorge

The sunshine is strong today, but very cold in a shade. Of course, I wore cold-weather jacket.

South Akigawa-gorge

I drive a motorcycle over to the South Akigawa-gorge.

In Along a River, there are Akigawa-gorge too. But I like the North landscape more than South landscape. I would recommend that go to North Akigawa-gorge.

South Akigawa-gorgeSouth Akigawa-gorge
South Akigawa-gorge

Almost tourist are going to drive to the Lake Okutama. But I'm goint to drive to the Uenohara.

South Akigawa-gorge

I can see Mt.Jinba, Mt.Daigo and Mt.Syotou way down there. There are Japanese silver grass.

Winter will be here soon. at the end of the season. Touring season in this year will soon be over.

leaf peepingSouth Akigawa-gorge
return home

I made time on the Chuo expressway between Uenohara IC and Tokyo.

We need to drive a motorcycle into the nature sometimes.