First, let's attend a driver's training school and get the motorcycle driver's license!!
I got the license when I can earn money from labor.
There are two kinds of motorcycle driver's license in Japan. "Ordinary motorcycle" is the license for under 400cc displacement. "Heavy motorcycle" the license for over 400cc displacement.
Hours of skill lesson is 19 hours. The following is skill lesson menu.
First step :handling of motorcycleFirst step is the training of basic motor. "Pick up a fallen motorcycle" and "Put a motorcycle on the centerstand". It's very easy for a men. But that may be difficult for a woman. It's only one time.
Second step is the walking your motorcycle the figure of eight.
Final, you will run a straight line and shift up the gear. We take very little time.
machinery of motorcycle and driving system
driving position
brake operation
start and stop
shift of gear
driving safety
smooth start and speed-up
speed control
brake operation
take a balance on straight roadway
take a balance on curved roadwayThe S-turn is very easy. The important thing is the half clutch.
You have to run the slalom course within 8 seconds. There are 5 pylons.
You have to run the slow ride 15m for over 7 seconds.
characteristic of motorcycleIt's first time of simulator instruction. You can play some kind of game.
pass a hillYou have to start a motorcycle on a slope.
hill start and stop
final check of traningIt's not difficult. You have to keep the course in one's mind.
Second step :handling of motorcycleThe second step is stay about the same first step.

note to ride a motorcycle on the road
traffic classification
riding position and turn over
go straight down an intersection
turn right at the intersection
turn left at the intersection
blind intersection
safety speed and a distance between cars
safety driving and pass through a curve
feel the speed of a motorcycle on the curveYou have to go around a curve without slowing down.
emergency stopYou have to stop within a 11m from 40km/h.
avoidanceIt's within a millimeter instruction.
case studyIt's a classroom lecture.
driving knowledge in various situationsJust one more effort on goal.
hazard anticipation
advanced balance riding
final check of traningIt's final stage. You have to keep the course in one's mind again.
The motorcycle driver's license instruction is very fun!! Please enjoy a instruction.