May 12, 2013 updated

It's been a while since I have gone to the Zoo.

It's Tama Zoo report.

entrance of Tama Zoo

One day I just go to the Zoo.

I have been to bear zoo, reindeer zoo, Ezo red fox zoo, and so on. I have visited here for the first time in decades.

map of Tama Zoo

Tama Zoo is divided into four areas, Asia area, Africa area, Australia area and insect area.

Well, let's take that bit by bit. First is the Africa area.

cheetah, Tama Zoo

This is what I am looking for, cheetah.

It's so cool!!

cheetah, baby animal

This baby is born in January. It's so cute baby!!

His name is Fang. They have 4 other brothers, Anemone, Asunaro, Fay and Satsuki. You have to go here morning, becuase this baby's area is closed on 11:30。

snow leopard, Tama Zoo

This is snow leopard.

They rubbed up.

tiger, Tama Zoo

Today is not nearly as hot as last week. So savage animals has so much energy.

Lion bus of the Tama Zoo, Japan

The Lion bus is extremely popular with children.

sky walk of orangutan

It's a sky walk of orangutan.

Orangutan is walking on a tightrope above us.

kangaroo, Tama Zoo

On the other hand, kangaroo shows us a lackadaisical attitude....

He tosses and turns a lot in her sleep.

Japanese monkey

And, Japanese monkey shows us a lackadaisical attitude too.


wallaroo, Tama Zoo

It's a wallaroo, Macropodidae.

He comes up.

flying squirrel, taguan

It's a flying squirrel(taguan) who sleep in hole in a tree.

I did wake he up by shutter tone. Sorry!!

Koala bear

Koala bear is in a dark room, no flash photos are allowed.

chimpanzee, Tama Zoo

The animals in a zoo are accustomed to be photographed.

They look over here, if they find us.

black stork, Ciconiidae

You watch too much!!

It's haggard look...

emu, Tama Zoo

So, it's scary!!

brown bear, Tama Zoo

Brown bear is taking a bath.

For your information, my recommendation for animal lover is Noboribetsu bear park.

orangutan, Tama Zoo

Orangutan smile complacently and see a magazine.

It's a fashion mag!!

Blue-and-gold Macaw

It is a lot of fun. Zoo is not like old days.

I have stayed here 4 hours.

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