Release Note

latest version

Version 0.8(beta), June 13, 2019

  1. What's new
    • [N0009] The Lite version that implements only the Viewer function has been released. Please see the Lite page for details.
  2. What's changed
    • [C0015] Added radio button to specify application in CGI Parameter dialog.
  3. Bug Fixes
    • [P0051] Even if the help message is hidden on the Configuration dialog, the help message may be displayed.
  4. Other
    • [X0008] Added Malay and Arabic to the language of the help message.
    • [X0009] Corrected an incorrect translation of an English help message.

other version

Version 0.7(beta), May 22, 2019

Version 0.6(beta), May 10, 2019

Version 0.5(beta), Jan 25, 2019

Version 0.4(beta), Dec 6, 2018

Version 0.3(beta), Nov 12, 2018

Version 0.2(beta), Oct 13, 2018

Version 0.1(beta), May 8, 2018

Known Issues


  1. [P0052] If you start GPXEV without specifying CGI parameters, Google Maps may not be displayed. (✱)
  2. [P0053] In route edit mode, if you remove the last waypoint from a route with only one waypoint, an error occurs. (✱)
  3. [P0054] In route edit mode, if you remove the waypoint at the end of the route, the Staring Point Marker does not move on the second waypoint. (✱)
  4. [P0055] After adding the Waypoint to the end of the route, if you click the Close button in the Route Edit dialog, the Destination Point Marker will not be displayed on the end of the route. (✱)
  5. [P0056] If you get elevation data from Google server while "Waypoint" dialog is open, the value of the acquired elevation data will not be displayed. (✱)
  6. [P0057] If you remove all data by clicking the trash box button on the toolbar, the window title is not initialized. (✱)
  7. [P0058] If you enter an incorrect value for "Window Opacity" in the "Configuration" dialog, an error occurs. (✱)
  8. [P0059] If you click the button that can not be pressed, the dialog you clicked may not be displayed in the foreground. (✱)
  9. [P0060] When the pop-up dialog is displayed by clicking the text field, the display order of the dialog may not change. (✱)
  10. [P0061] When the pop-up dialog is displayed by clicking the text field, the focus may not move. (✱)
  11. [P0062] If you keep changing the Z-order without closing the opened dialog, the Z-order of the dialog may be wrong. (✱)
  12. [P0063] If you select a route with no waypoint and get elevation data from Google Server, an error will occur. (✱)
  13. [P0064] If you select a route with no waypoint and reduce the number of waypoints on the Tool dialog, an error will occur. (✱)
  14. [P0065] If you close the "Configuration" dialog with the Color Palette dialog open, the Color Palette dialog remains on the screen. (✱)
  15. [P0066] The screen overlay may not be displayed properly when the color palette dialog is opened. (✱)
  16. [P0067] If you delete the year value in the Copyright dialog, error checking will not work properly. (✱)
  17. [P0068] The error check may not work properly when the Copyright dialog is displayed after the second time. (✱)
  18. [P0069] If you set the default value of author in the Configuration dialog, the Auto Fill button in the GPX Metadata dialog is not active until reloading. (✱)
  19. [P0070] The confirmation message when removing the route of "trkType" is displayed as "trkseg". (✱)
  20. [P0071] If you move the focus to a control that does not fit within the screen, the margins will be displayed. (✱)
  21. [P0072] The gridlines of the Elevation View dialog may be drawn outside the dialog. (✱)
  22. [P0073] You can click on a color palette that has been disabled in the Configuration dialog. (✱)
  23. [P0074] The same color code exists in the color palette. The color code of "cyan" is the same as "aqua", so it is changed to "lightblue". (✱)
  24. [P0075] If you perform another operation without entering a value while editing the name of the registered location in the Map Control dialog, the text field will remain without disappearing. (✱)
  25. [P0076] If you select a route with no waypoint and click on a button in the Route View dialog, an error will occur. (✱)
  26. [P0077] When the last page is displayed in the Waypoint List dialog, the selected list item will be deselected. (✱)

✱ This bug will be fixed in the next version.

Last Updated: July 19, 2019


  1. There are places where new markers can not be placed when editing the route. There are two ways to solve this problem.
    The first solution is to move the marker after placing the marker once.
Examples of places you can not click on Google Maps

You can not add a waypoint on the label.

Click outside the label displayed on Google Maps

Click once outside the label.

Move markers displayed on Google Maps

Drag and drop the marker to the target point.

Google map with items such as store name and station name hidden with a customized style

The second solution is to hide the item displayed on Google map. You can use the Style tab of the Map Control dialog to hide items such as store names and station names that get in the way when editing a route.

  1. Due to limitations of Javascript, the number of significant digits of latitude or longitude is 13 to 14 digits after the decimal point. If you move the Waypoint marker on Google Maps, the number of significant digits may be reduced from the value originally described in the GPX file. However, if you do not move the Waypoint marker, the value written in the loaded GPX file will be output as is. In addition, the Javascript constraint takes precedence over the value set in "align decimal point" of "Latitude / Longitude" in the Configuration dialog.
  1. When reading GPX files on the Internet using HTTP, the server must allow CORS(Cross-Origin Resource Sharing). Specifically, "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" must be specified in the HTTP reply header returned by the server to the client.
    The way to set up .htaccess using the apache is as follows.
    1. Create .htaccess file in the directory containing the GPX file of the server.
    2. Write the following line in the .htaccess file.
      Header append Access-Control-Allow-Origin:,


    Error code 8201 is occurred when GPX file is read from server which CORS is not permitted.

    If your server does not support SSL (https), please use GPXEV by http(


  2. If the loaded GPX file contains entities other than amp, lt, and gt, decoded characters are output to the saved GPX file.

Implementation Schedule

Next Release

The specifications planned for the next release version are as follows.

  1. What's new
    • [N0010] You can create a route along the road. However, this feature frequently uses the Google Cloud Platform, which may limit the number of uses. If you are using your own API Key, GPXEV will not limit the number of uses.
    • [N0011] You can set custom colors other than the default 64 colors for the route color. Custom colors can be created in the Configuration dialog.
    • [N0012] You can use the keyboard for some dialogs. This has the same meaning as the Windows shortcut key, but does not use the CTRL key. When in route edit mode, you can switch commands with the keyboard.
    • [N0013] You can delete all elevation data received from Google server. This function can also be used to delete all "ele" tags in the GPX file.
    • [N0014] If you specify "mode = init" as a parameter of URL, the setting initialization screen will be displayed. If the GPXEV does not start properly, you can restore the default settings.
    • [N0015] If the control does not have focus, you can use the keyboard to control map panning and zooming. This feature can be turned off in the Configuration dialog.
    • [N0016] You can change the size of the Google Maps control icon.
  2. What's changed
    • [C0016] You can open GPX file by drag & drop.
    • [C0017] You can specify the number of significant digits of elevation data got from the Google Server. The default value is one decimal place.
    • [C0018] You can specify the Google Maps API version and the API key of the CGI argument.
    • [C0019] You can set API Key on the Configuration dialog. However, the API key of CGI argument has higher priority than it.
    • [C0020] The color of the title bar of the currently selected dialog has been changed to blue.
    • [C0021] If you move a dialog, it does not become translucent.
    • [C0022] Customized buttons can also move the focus.
    • [C0023] If you press the TAB key after displaying or selecting the dialog, the focus will move to the first control.
    • [C0024] If you press the ESC key while the control has no focus, the dialog will close. However, in route edit mode, pressing the ESC key twice twice will return to normal mode.
    • [C0025] Dialogs located outside the screen will move into the screen the next time it is opened.
    • [C0026] The Cookie View dialog will always refresh the display while open.
    • [C0027] The order of items in the 4th and 5th tabs of the Configuration dialog has been changed.
    • [C0028] When you hover the mouse over the Waypoint Marker, the cursor shape changes to pointer.
    • [C0029] When the Waypoint List dialog is in Compact mode, the increase / decrease value at page movement has been changed from 10 (fixed) to 7 (number of lines).
  3. Other
    • [X0010] The version of Google Maps Javascript API used by GPXEV has been changed to v3.36.


1. Touring map around Mount Fuji (rteType)

Touring route around Mt. Fuji displayed on Google Maps(GPX files)

It's recommended route around Mount Fuji for riding a motorcycle in Japan.

This is example GPX file of "rteType", contains 2,691 waypoints and 6 external links(199kbyte).


2. Map of shrines and temples in Japan (wptType)

Map of famous shrines and temples in Japan displayed on Google Maps(GPX files)

It's a map of famous shrines and temples in Japan.

This is small example GPX file of "wptType", contains 17 points(4.6kbyte).


3. Cross the Japanese archipelago (trkType)

The route to cross the Japanese archipelago by motorcycle displayed on Google Maps(GPX files)

It's a route to cross the Japanese archipelago by motorcycle. It took 15 days.

This is large example GPX file of "trkType", contains 15 tracks and 29,087 waypoints(2,275kbyte). Click button, if you would like to hide the information window on Google Maps.


This is an example of a huge GPX file. It takes about 1 minute to display the route on Google Maps.