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Screenshot of 'Score Viewer'

Score Viewer is web based free software. You can display the music score of pre-registered Japanese animation song and game music on the browser. This application is not a general purpose music score display software.

The recommended browser is Google Chrome.

  1. Screen transition
  2. Song Selection screen
  3. Genre Selection screen
  4. Music Score Display screen
  5. Display direction of music score
  6. Menu icon
  7. Control panel
  8. MP3/AAC Player
  9. MP3Sync (Auto scroll)
  10. Calibration
  11. Counf off (Count in)
  12. Loop playback
  13. Rehearsal mark
  14. Configuration screen
  15. Operating environment
  16. Error screen
  17. Bug report
  18. Features to be implemented
  19. Released version list

1. Screen transition

Screen transition of 'Score Viewer'

Score Viewer consists of two parts, "Song Select screen" and "Music Score screen". If you select a song on the Song Select screen, the Music Score screen appears. If you click the folder icon, you will return to the Song Select screen. You can open the Genre Select screen from either screen.

2. Song Selection screen

Song Select screen of 'Score Viewer'

The Song Selection screen displays a list of registered songs. You can scroll the list in the following way.

Click the icon at the top left. Press Up key, Down key, Page Up key, Page Down key, Space key or Home key. Mouse wheel up or down.

3. Genre Selection screen

Song Genre Select screen of 'Score Viewer'

If you click this icon, the Song Genre Selection window will display. The current version has the following four song categories.

4. Music Score Display screen

Music Score Display screen of 'Score Viewer'

The music score display screen changes depending on the size of the window. When the window size changes, the display position of the music score is automatically adjusted.

Collapsed song title

You can collapse it by clicking on the song title. If you collapse it will reduce the width from 1,920px to 1,560px.

5. Display direction of music score

Music score displayed vertically

You can change the display direction of the music score by clicking the icon below.

Display the music score horizontally. In this mode, the entire window is used to display the music score. This mode is suitable for browsers on personal computers.

Display the music score vertically. In this mode, the music score is displayed in one column. This mode is suitable for mobile phone browsers.

6. Menu icon

The following icons are displayed on the music score display screen.

Display the Song Selection screen.

Scroll to the end of the music score.

Scroll the music score to the left.

Scroll the music score to the right.

Scroll to the beginning of the music score.

Scroll to the end of the music score.

Scroll the music score up.

Scroll the music score down.

Scroll to the beginning of the music score.

Display the music score horizontally.

Display the music score vertically.

Select a song genre.

Display the Configuration screen.

7. Control panel

The following control panels are displayed on the music score display screen. These control panels can only be used when viewing the music score horizontally.

Left : the page number of the music score, Right : BPM (Beat Per Minute)

Upper : MP3/AAC file status, Lower : Repeat state

Upper : MP3/AAC current time, Lower : Measure number

MP3/AAC player controller

Upper : MP3Sync (Auto Scroll) status, Lower : Calibration status

Loop playback controller

Left : Volume, Right : Playback speed

Rehearsal mark controller

8. MP3/AAC Player

'Score Viewer' MP3/AAC Player Control Panel

If you click the MP3/AAC panel on the menu, you can read the MP3/AAC file on the local drive of your computer.

Load MP3/AAC file by drag and drop

You can also load MP3/AAC files by dragging and dropping the files onto the browser.

MP3/AAC file is not loaded.

The MP3/AAC file has been specified. This is a playable state.

It is in the state of counting off. After count off, it turns green.

An MP3/AAC file is playing.

9. MP3Sync (Auto scroll)

The Auto Scroll is a function that automatically scrolls the music score in sync with the MP3/AAC playback. Before using this function, you need to adjust the start position of the song.


MP3/AAC files have VBR (Variable Bit Rate) and CBR (Constant Bit Rate).The auto scroll function only supports CBR (Constant Bit Rate).

There are several ways to VBR MP3/AAC files to CBR. I recommend the free software Audacity.

The automatic scroll function is OFF.

The automatic scroll function is ON.

The automatic scroll function is ON and the count-off function is ON.

The MP3/AAC file has not been load or calibration has not been performed.

Since the music score data is old, it does not support the automatic scroll function.

The state of the Auto Scroll panel changes when you click it.

10. Calibration

Calibration control panel of 'Score Viewer'

The Calibration function is a function that adjusts the start position of the song in order to scroll the music score automatically. If you click the Calibration panel on the menu, the Calibration screen opens.

Calibration screen of 'Score Viewer'

This software calculates the timing to scroll the music score based on the "start position" specified on the Calibration screen.

The calibration procedure is shown below.

How to use the Calibration screen

A simple metronome makes it easy to adjust timing.


The rhythm of this metronome is not accurate. It may be delayed by several tens of milliseconds. For Windows, Firefox has a large delay, so we recommend using Google Chrome. This issue will be fixed in the future.

It is in the state that calibration is not executed. The automatic scroll function cannot be used.

Calibration has been executed, but the MP3/AAC file has not been read.

Calibration has been performed. You can use the auto scroll feature.

Since the music score data is old, it does not support the automatic scroll function.

11. Counf off (Count in)

Counf off status of 'Score Viewer'

The count-off function puts a 4-beat count when playing an audio file. This is a useful function when you practice playing from the beginning of the song. The current version always counts 4 beats even if the song doesn't start from the 1st beat. This limitation will be fixed in the future.


Firefox has a delay when playing MP3/AAC files. We recommend using Google Chrome.

12. Loop playback

Loop control panel of 'Score Viewer'

You can use the loop playback function to loop playback in any section. This function is useful when you practice playing repeatedly. To use the loop playback function, you must set the loop start and end points. If you click the button, the current playback position will be set to the start or end point.

It is the state where the loop section is not specified.

The loop section is specified, but the loop function is OFF.

The loop playback function is ON.

The loop section is specified incorrectly.

The loop control panel changes state when clicked.

13. Rehearsal mark

If you click the rehearsal mark panel, the music score will move to the specified rehearsal mark. However, it cannot be clicked during MP3/AAC playback.

14. Configuration screen

If you click the configuration icon on the menu, the configuration screen opens.

Music score setting

Music score setting of 'Score Viewer'

In the music score setting screen, you can set the music score display for each part. If the music score has a large number of parts, you can make the music score easier to see by hiding unnecessary parts.

Example of music score displayed by switching to part unit

The above figure was an example of hiding the 6-part music score in order. You can hide not only the staff notation but also chords, rehearsal marks, lyrics, and TAB units.

Music Property

Music Property of 'Score Viewer'

The meta information of the currently displayed music score is displayed on the Music Property screen.

Assign a Shortcut Key

Assign a Shortcut Key of 'Score Viewer'

The current version cannot change the shortcut key setting.

MP3/AAC Player Setting

MP3/AAC Player Setting of 'Score Viewer'

On the MP3/AAC player setting screen, you can change various settings for MP3 player control.

Menu Setting

Menu Setting of 'Score Viewer'

On the menu display setting screen, you can select the control to be displayed in the menu.

Common Score Setting

Common Score Setting of 'Score Viewer'

In the current version, it is not possible to change the common music score settings.

Common Setting

Common Setting of 'Score Viewer'

On the Common Settings screen, you can change the scroll speed and language settings. The contents set here are saved in the cookie, and the set values will be valid from the next time onward.

At the first startup, the language setting will change automatically depending on the browser language. The current version is set to "Japanese" for Japanese browsers, and "English" otherwise. However, even if you set the language to "English", Japanese lyrics will not be displayed in English.

15. Operating environment

This software recommends using Google Chrome.

The operating environment information as of June 13, 2020 is as follows.

I have confirmed the operation on all browsers of the personal computer. I have not confirmed the operation of mobile phone browsers.

16. Error screen

Error screen of 'Score Viewer'

If a fatal error occurs, the above error screen will be displayed. If you continue to see this error screen, please contact us at the address given in the bug report below.

17. Bug report

Bug reports are welcome. Please contact the following email address.

18. Features to be implemented

The following features are planned to be implemented in the future.

19. Released version list

Version 3.0.2, Aug 24, 2020

  1. Change points
    • [C0010] A new thumbnail image can be displayed even if the thumbnail image on the song selection screen is cached in the browser.
  2. Bug fix
    • [P0008] The count-off function does not work properly for 8/12 beat songs.
    • [P0009] If you maximize your browser window, the scores will not line up correctly.

Version 3.0.1, June 19, 2020

Version 3.0, June 15, 2020

Version 2.1, Dec 18, 2018

Version 2.0, Dec 18, 2018

Version 1.0.2, May 16, 2017

Version 1.0.1, Apr 17, 2016

Version 1.0, Apr 16, 2016

* This is a Release history of Javascript version. This is different from the Silverlight release history that was distributed between 2009 and 2016.

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