Motorcycle maintenance cost in Japan

This page describes the estimated maintenance costs for motorcycles in Japan.

I write from the conclusion. My annual motorcycle maintenance cost is about 83,000 yen. The details are described following.

1. Light-weight Vehicle Tax

Light-weight Vehicle Tax
Engine DisplacementLight-weight Vehicle Tax
Less than 250cc3,600 yen
250cc or more6,000 yen

The first is the Light-weight Vehicle Tax. You have to pay this tax once a year. The Light-weight Vehicle Tax is much cheaper than the Automobile Weight Tax.

2. Automobile Liability Insurance

Automobile Liability Insurance
Engine DisplacementAutomobile Liability Insurance Fee
Less than 250cc9,260 yen13,350 yen17,350 yen
250cc or more9,640 yen14,100 yen18,500 yen

In Japan, You must to conclude Automobile Liability Insurance. If you do not have this insurance, it is against the law.

3. Optional Automobile Insurance

Optional Automobile Insurance

The amount of optional automobile insurance varies depending on the conditions. My annual insurance fee is 11,040 yen.

I have an insurance contract under the following conditions.

The first year of contract signing starts from grade 6th.

GradeDiscount rateInsurance feeGradeDiscount rateInsurance fee
GeneralGroup discountGeneralGroup discount
617%34,370 yen22,350 yen1450%20,710 yen13,470 yen
723%31,880 yen20,730 yen1552%19,880 yen12,930 yen
828%29,810 yen19,380 yen1655%18,640 yen12,120 yen
933%27,740 yen18,040 yen1757%17,810 yen11,580 yen
1037%26,090 yen16,960 yen1859%16,980 yen11,040 yen
1140%24,850 yen16,160 yen1961%16,150 yen10,500 yen
1244%23,190 yen15,080 yen2063%15,320 yen9,960 yen
1347%21,950 yen14,270 yen 

4. Vehicle inspection

Vehicle inspection
Inspection renewal fee24,700 yen
Weight tax4,400 yen
Revenue stamp fee1,700 yen
Amount total30,800 yen

Motorcycles over 251cc need to be inspected every two years. The above amounts are general rates.

5. Maintenance

Motorcycle Maintenance

The main maintenance items are engineoil and tire replacement.

PartsReplacement cycleCost
Engine Oil3,000〜5,000km5,000〜6,000 yen
Example: 2.8L×200 yen/L = 5,600 yen
Tire10,000〜13,000km30,000〜35,000 yen
Example: Front 11,000 yen + Rear 16,900 yen + Wage 3,800 yen = 31,700 yen
(DUNLOP GPR-200 F120/60R17,R160/60R17)

Besides engine oil and tires, it is necessary to replace chains, sprockets, brake pads, brake fluid, plugs, radiator fluid, chain loops, cleaners, valves, etc. These costs are approximately 15,000 yen to 25,000 yen approximately.

Total cost of the year

The total amount of motorcycle maintenance costs is as follows.

Engine Displacement400cc250cc
Annual mileage5,000km7,500km10,000km5,000km7,500km10,000km
Light-weight Vehicle Tax4,000 yen2,400 yen
Automobile Liability Insurance 7,050 yen6,630 yen
Optional Automobile Insurance5,520 yen
Vehicle inspection15,400 yen-
MaintenanceEngine Oil6,300 yen9,450 yen12,600 yen3,150 yen4,730 yen6,300 yen
Tire14,400 yen21,600 yen28,800 yen12,960 yen19,440 yen25,920 yen
Other15,000 yen20,000 yen25,000 yen15,000 yen20,000 yen25,000 yen
Total cost77,670 yen83,020 yen98,370 yen45,660 yen58,720 yen71,770 yen

In my case, since the annual travel distance is approximately 7,500 km / year, the estimated result will be approximately 83,000 yen. This amount is only a guide and will increase or decrease depending on the year.

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