1. Pretty Cure (Precure)

Score Viewer

This page is published the scores of Japanese animation songs. We call it "Anison". The first is the score for Pretty Cure (Precure). This page uses Score Viewer to display the score.

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[EXTRA] Macross Delta

Walküre - Macross Delta

Here is a extra section. This time, I will introduce "Macross Delta" score. Tactical Sound Unit Walküre is the vocal group of Macross Delta. The group members are Mikumo (JUNNA), Freyja Wion (Minori Suzuki), Kaname Buccaneer (Kiyono Yasuno), Makina Nakajima (Nozomi Nishida) and Reina Prowler (Nao Tōyama).

as yet untranslated

1. Ikenai Borderline

2. Lun ga Pikatto Hikattara

3. Bokura no Senjō

4. Hametsu no Junjō

5. Dancing in the Moonlight

2. Japanese Anime Song for beginners

This page is for guitar beginners. This page introduces how to play Japanese animation songs using Power Chord. Power Chord is one of the easiest ways to play the guitar.

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3. Anime Song Score with Melody and chords

This page introduces musical scores of melodies and chords only. Some music score have no intros or accompaniment parts. Most of them are works before 1999.


4. What's chords?

This page describes the chords for beginners. Chords are the basis of music and the knowledge needed to play an instrument.

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5. Let's transcription!

It is difficult to find the score of Japanese animation songs. So, this page introduces how to create score yourself.

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6. Let's buy an instrument!

There are many instrument stores in Japan. On this page, we will introduce the points when purchasing an instrument for the first time.

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7. I want to become good at playing!!

"Sound! Euphonium" is an animation on the theme of music. It is a very enjoyable animation for those who like music.

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